Automatic diamond cutting machine, with one machining head, projected for lapping and drawing on plain, angled, concave and convex surfaces of metallic chains.
The work cycle is performed in automatic way. The chain enters from the left part of the machine, it crosses a group of friction and it is clamped from a rotating vice that closes and bring it in diamond cutting position. The chain comes diamond cut from rotating utensils fixed to a refrigerated machining head. It’s possible to work both in horizontal or vertical mode and switching is made manually with extreme rapidity.

In horizontal mode, machining head, can assumes various angles of work and it can be directed up to 180°. On Dekomatic is possible to fit four tools for horizontal workmanships and one for vertical.
The regulation on work point is obtained thanks a device with centesimal negative stroke. The work cycle is performed in closed environment, in order to allow the recovery of workmanship residues.

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