Fully automatic, multi-axes CNC diamond cutting machine, projected for lapping, decorating and drawing on plain, angled, concave and convex surfaces of metallic chains. The chain enters from the left part of the machine, it crosses a group of friction and it is clamped from a rotating vice that closes and bring it in diamond cutting position, than it’s released and directed toward the outside of the machine. The work cycle is checked and managed by the machine CNC, thanks to our customized software.

The conceived programs can be memorized and used again any time, up to the requested production. Insertion data on computer by an interface with touch-screen technology. The machine is characterized by a device, which is able to analyze, through a special software, the shape of each link. Decorations can be made exactly in the desired point of each link. Visualization of the work piece by LCD monitor.
For remote assistance DEKOQUEEN is equipped with Ethernet connection and machine diagnostic pages are visualised on machine monitor. Machining head allows to operate both in horizontal and vertical mode, head switching is automatic. In horizontal mode, it automatically assumes various angles of work around 360°. The work cycle is performed in closed environment, in order to allow the recovery of workmanship residues.

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