Automatic diamond cutting machine, with one machining head, projected for lapping plain, angled, concave and convex surfaces of metallic chains.

SUPERMASTER is friendly to manage and workmanships are characterised by an excellent standard of quality. The refrigerated machining head allows to operate both in horizontal or vertical mode. About OPTIONAL, available on demand, we remind the “Satinmatic Head” to carry out pavé and the “Extra Side Rotating Clamp” to cut 4, 6, 8 sides by a single passage.

The work cycle is performed in closed environment, in order to allow the recovery of workmanship residues.

Tooling to work on ball-chain and rope. The clamp is applied at the side of the diamond cutting zone and allows working on the above chains using bronze disks; with shaped clamps it is possible to make bevel edge diamond cutting on the corners of all chains and using tempered clamps + internal disks it is possible lo make flat cutting on both faces of small size flat chains.

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