XD182 L

5 axis CNC
with 12-position automatic pallet changer

Universal milling machine WITH 12-BLANK LOADER for the dental technology sector with 5 continuous interpolated axes on dry and wet machining.

This model is suitable for laboratories where constant and continuous work is required, choosing up to a number of jobs to be carried out in a differentiated way based on customer needs. It can mill any detail in any material.

Thanks to the 5 continuous axes it can perform undercuts, hybrid abutments, give excellent surface finishes and reduce manual finishing times.


Crowns, abutments, bridges, screw-retained bridges, models, attachments, inlays, veneers, connection bars, etc.


Wax, PMMA, different resins, composite, pre-sintered zirconium dioxide and aluminum oxide, titanium (grades 2 and 5), Cr-Co, etc.


HSD Spindle

Italian manufacturer, multinational market leader: guarantee of quality, performance and durability over time for optimal milling both at low speed (e.g. CR-CO and titanium alloys) and high speed (e.g. ceramic). Liquid cooling with external unit included.

Shrink-fitted HSK 25 connections

The integrated 20-station automatic tool changer with HSK-E 25 holder offers maximum concentricity of the cutter tip and maintains full clamping force even at high speeds. By means of the HSK locking system, shrink-fitted tools with a max shank of 8 mm are used, obtaining longer tool life with high milling precision.

Recovery for laser melting

The XD 182 milling machine is already designed to insert an infrared workpiece probing probe, this accessory allows precise reading of the positioning for secondary milling on laser melting sintered materials, and also the control measurement in the machine of the machined pieces, with the possibility of reporting.

CNC 5-axis

In modern implantology, for precise and accurate execution, all implants and details are milled using a 5-axis system. Even for more traditional jobs, the 5 axes are still useful because they allow you to position the prosthesis to be milled in the pod with the optimal inclination, minimizing its thickness and giving results of greater speed and lower consumption of material and tools.

Linear axes moved by recirculating ball screws

The linear axes are moved by ground ball screws with preload, driven directly by a brushless motor with feedback, to guarantee precision and durability over time.

Very high resolution 0.05-micron brushless motors

Brushless motors with absolute encoders are used on our machines, which guarantee an extreme surface FINISHING of the product.

Quality Mechanical Construction

The transmission of the mechanical commands inside the equipment does not have transmissions managed with gears and belts but are always direct. These solutions have been adopted to avoid ordinary maintenance, machine downtime, calibration, or interference problems and to reduce noise.

Constant quality over time and reduction in maintenance

The line of our milling machines is designed to create high precision products and be extremely productive, with a rotation of 40,000/50,000 revolutions per minute, the milling machine must be solid, robust and oversized compared to the real working stress. For this reason, all Faimond milling machines can count on decades of construction experience which has allowed the company to create highly reliable products: built to last over time.

Open CNC software

The technology used by NUM is based on an open system that leaves the user free from fixed annual update fees and any form of financial burden.

Industry 4.0 Ready

All Faimond milling machines are configured as capital goods consistent with the requirements of Industry 4.0

CAM Sofware

The XD 182 is not supplied with CAD/CAM software with the machine, this is to leave the customer to choose the most suitable software for their needs and knowledge. The post-processors for Make MILL, MILL Box, hyperDENT, HEXAGON have already been prepared by the mother companies.

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