ø 2 – 10 mm
single working head

Multi-axis CNC diamond cutting machine, fully automatic, designed for lapping, faceting and decorate objects oval, cylindrical or SPHERICAL WITH HOLES PASSERS-BY.

ASTRA BASIC is easy to manage and the processes are performed to an excellent quality standard. The machine in the standard version is designed to work with a horizontal head which allows to operate with “Disc tool” tipe d. 80 and automatically position itself in various angles up to +/- 90°.

Optional on request a vertical head can be mounted which allows machining with IDRO type tools. The loading and unloading of the pieces is carried out in automatic or manual mode for a quick control test.

The work cycle is controlled and managed by CNC. Programming takes place via a simplified interface on the touch screen in front of the machine.

The processing of the semi-finished products takes place in a closed environment, so as to allow the recovery of processing scraps.

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