ø 0,15 – 10 mm
with vision system

Fully automatic cnc multi-axis diamond cutting machine designed for lapping and drawing flat, angled, concave and convex surfaces of metal chains.

The machine has an advanced vision system. Through a high-resolution camera and dedicated software, it allows the precise reading of the position, size and shape of the chain to be machined, thus making it possible to carry out step-by-step machining with absolute precision.

The tool holder head allows both horizontal and vertical machining and the change of position takes place automatically. In horizontal mode, it automatically assumes various working angles and can be swiveled through a full 360°.

The work process is controlled and managed by the CNC of the machine, thanks to a customized software interface. The interface with data settings on a computer with touch-screen technology and the ability to view diagnostic pages.

The diamond cutting cycle takes place in a closed environment, to facilitate the recovery of processing waste.

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