ø max. 6 mm
specific for ball and rosary chains

ASTRA There is a fully automatic, CNC multi-axis diamond cutting machine designed for lapping, faceting and decorating oval, cylindrical or spherical objects, ASSEMBLED ON CHAINS.

The ball/oval chain wound on the appropriate coil passes through the pliers, which opening and closing in a way synchronised, they keep the coming object in the centre worked by tools.

Once the design has been impressed on the object, the pliers release the chain and according to the set step it advances to the next object. The machine is designed to work with the tool holder head both horizontal machining +/- 180° and vertical machining with automatic position change. One machining head mounts a standard “Disc tool type” type tool for faceting and the second machining head mounts an IDRO type tool for circular-type designs.

The work cycle is controlled and managed by the CNC of the machine. The processing of the objects on the chain takes place in a closed environment, in order to allow the recovery of processing scraps. The programming of the data settings on the CNC “Fanuc” takes place via a simplified interface on the touch screen infront of the machine.

The visualization of the workpiece takes place with a camera and 10.4” LCD video.

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