ø 1 – 22 mm
double working head, horizontal – vertical, 360° machining

Fully automatic, TOP OF THE RANGE, CNC multi-axis diamond cutting machine designed for lapping, faceting and decorating oval, cylindrical or SPHERICAL objects WITH OR WITHOUT THROUGH HOLES.

The difference from the models, ASTRA X allows the processing of semi-finished products through a double set of tailstocks which allow the movement of the piece at 360° on two distinct rotation axes. (Patented System).

The machine is designed with a DOUBLE HEAD tool holder which allows both horizontal and vertical machining with automatic position change. In horizontal mode it automatically assumes various working angles from 0° to +/- 180°.

The working heads can move +/- 15 mm for processing long objects such as tubes, cylindrical objects, conical even with flat faces. The workpiece is displayed with a 10.4” LCD camera and video.

The semi-finished products are processed in a closed environment, in order to allow the recovery of processing waste.

The programming of the data settings on the “Fanuc” CNC is done through a simplified interface on the touch screen in front of the machine.

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